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Crimes against taste

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8/10/07 05:08 pm

Aaaand it turns out that call centres is definitely not for me... Who didn't see that coming? This week has quite possibly been the most boring time I've spent... anywhere. Nonetheless, I've been offered another job selling crystals and I go and see people about it tomorrow, so it's on to better and more shiny things.
There has been the sewing of many catsuits, which will continue when the sewing machine comes back here... I should have six in a few days. You know you want one.
Also there has been Hero Questing, Nikki, I think that weeknights are better for it, given Aris' hours and Galen's new employment. It's so much better than I remember it.

8/2/07 05:05 pm

So it occurred to me that I haven't updated this thing in ages. The past few weeks have been spent frantically looking for work, which is a very strange, exhausting business. No interviews come for weeks on end, then they all come at once. Last week I had three in one day, and they can be distressing affairs, the group interviews are the worst, I find myself surrounded by the kind of people who go for call centre interviews and the interviewer asks what I do in my spare time, I tell them I read and sew. "Great! What do you sew?" ... "Eeeeerrr... clooothes..." I chuckled about it later though. I also have to apply for a certain obligatory number of jobs, despite the fact that I've been offered one next Monday, so I go to these interviews, get offered the jobs and then turn them down, leaving me with the feeling that I've wasted everyone's time... and suffered an undue amount of stress to go with it. I spent last night and this morning in group interviews for a call centre job that I've just turned down.

Less with the boring though.

My family invited Aris and I down to a holiday house in Sorrento where there was much recuperation and a ferry trip to Queenscliff, where we ate fish & chips and then I found an old copy of At the Mountains of Madness by Lovecraft. Reading Lovecraft after eating fish & chips and then taking a ferry over water both does and does not a good combination make... it was amusing at least. Since then I've developed a voracious appetite for Lovecraft, to the exclusion of all other literature... especially Harry Potter! For those who aren't aware, Galen's back, we're spending our weekends simulating blasting each other into little pieces using toy soldiers, dice and maths. We are shameless geeks, it's fun.

Also time is fast approaching when paintballing tickets need to be used, so some more realistic blasting into little bits will occur in Port Melbourne soon.

I'm not sure if I should admit to it but the urge to go out at night and do... whatever it is I used to do at clubs seems to be very slowly, very quietly making itself apparent... I don't know if it'll happen, but it's a possibility.

And I finally got a chance to get photos of both Aris and Justine's catsuits, the lighting's pretty crap but anyway... They're under the cut.Collapse )

6/23/07 03:56 pm - Contemporary art... er.

Timoth's been working on a series of photos, and requested my help with sewing for one of them. There's no nudity, but it's still inappropriate fun. It's still a work in progress, and also, copyright Timoth.

NOT safe for work.Collapse )

6/23/07 03:28 pm - It's the way it splatters that matters.

Also, this is the post where I can be pressured to come out to Splatterball tonight. Anyone else going?

6/23/07 02:40 pm - Peeping Fucking Tom!

Yes. Aris took me to see Mike last night. It was sooooo good. I was concerned they were just going to play their album in a random order... but I was pleasantly surprised when they came out not only with a track from General Patton and the X-ecutioners, but they also closed on a Lovage track, which pleased me intensely. Too late though I realised that we should have been closer to the front, I didn't want to be squished when we got there so we stood at the back where all the people just stood with their arms crossed for the entire gig... I think they might have been hoping for a Faith no More concert... The support act were great too, they were a band called Tango Saloon with the drummer from Mr. Bungle who do Ennio Morricone sort of music. Much happiness all around. Throat hurts this morning.

Vaguely considering going again tonight... probably shouldn't be spending the moneys.

6/3/07 02:46 pm

It's sunny but it's cold, I think this is the first time I've been happy to see the sun in months. It's winter sun, the kind that hovers over by the north horizon and lengthens shadows and makes it seem like evening all day long. Aris and I spent the morning in Kangaroo Ground at a house that backs on to the Yarra. It was very nice.

5/28/07 11:45 am - Warhammers

One unit of beasts and one wargor finished.

Picture under cutCollapse )

5/14/07 10:30 am - Victory! Success! Incontinence! Now with more leakage protection!

Our neighbours have just been evicted. The rowdy violent ones who parked their cars in front of our garage and shouted "FUCKMEDEAD!" at all hours.

Which means...

There's going to be a house up for lease, not unlike ours, very soon. We'd very much like some agreeable neighbours and we're aware that some of you have been considering looking for another place... Is anyone interested in becoming our neighbourinoes?

[EDIT] See previous post for an example of our lovely morning views.

5/12/07 08:36 am - Woke up to this this morning.

Winter be upon us.

5/1/07 08:18 pm - I made a community...

It's called lycra_lovers, ten points to the first person to guess what it's about. If you're interested, feel free to join.
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