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Peeping Fucking Tom!

Yes. Aris took me to see Mike last night. It was sooooo good. I was concerned they were just going to play their album in a random order... but I was pleasantly surprised when they came out not only with a track from General Patton and the X-ecutioners, but they also closed on a Lovage track, which pleased me intensely. Too late though I realised that we should have been closer to the front, I didn't want to be squished when we got there so we stood at the back where all the people just stood with their arms crossed for the entire gig... I think they might have been hoping for a Faith no More concert... The support act were great too, they were a band called Tango Saloon with the drummer from Mr. Bungle who do Ennio Morricone sort of music. Much happiness all around. Throat hurts this morning.

Vaguely considering going again tonight... probably shouldn't be spending the moneys.
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